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  • Training & Deploy

    In-company Bacula Community or Enterprise implementation focused on your business needs.

  • Bacula Enterprise

    With Bacula Enterprise you have full support of the developer and the ability to request features, plugins to ease the backup of Oracle, MS Sql, MS Exchange, Vmware, Xen, MySQL, PostgreSQL etc., fully centered graphical configuration, management and monitoring interface, and lots of other nice features.

  • Bacula Video Classes

    Lifetime access to backup strategy, policies and practical Bacula training at Just follow this exclusive discount link.

  • The Bacula Book

    It is the first step in order to understand one of the most popular backup software worldwide.

I still don't get it. What is Bacula?

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  • Bacula Enterprise 8.8.3 Ad Hoc Centos/RHEL 7 Packages Install

    General Requirements: The recommended is always in the 64-bit version of the Operating System, with at least 16 GB of RAM, 4 processing cores and 500 GB for the Bacula backup server (for POC or test purposes, 50 GB and 8 GB RAM are sufficient ). Backup server and clients installation require root or administrator […]

    By hfaria | 7 de November de 2017

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  • Baculum 9 – Graphical Bacula Configuration, Administration and API

    Baculum (bacula-gui) is the official web graphic interface of the Bacula project ( Version 9 contains a configuration module that allows the backup administrator to change Bacula backup settings without editing text files. Baculum also brings a new API that eases the integration with other software, interface, and consoles. 1. Installation Baculum 9 works with […]

    By hfaria | 7 de November de 2017

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