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    In-company Bacula Community or Enterprise implementation focused on your business needs.

  • Bacula Video Classes

    Lifetime access to backup strategy, policies and practical Bacula training at Just follow this exclusive discount link.

  • The Bacula Book

    It is the first step in order to understand one of the most popular backup software worldwide.

I still don't get it. What is Bacula?

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  • Bacula Support: Strategic Partnership for Your Company

    Did you know that Bacula is the most used backup solution in Brazil and the 4th most popular backup solution in the world! In addition to offering a complete backup solution with high level of automation, ease of management and speed in disaster recovery, Bacula works with free format of backups and offers highly qualified […]

    By Vanessa Branco | 15 de November de 2018

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  • KVM Plugin Bacula Enterprise Quick Guide

    Overview This Quick Guide presents various techniques KVM virtual machines Backup with the Enterprise Bacula (EBacula) exclusive plugin, that provide the following features, among others: Clientless Virtual Machines (VMs) Backup Granular File-Level Recovery Automatic VMs discovery Full, Differential, and Incremental Backup Level Support VMs Backup in ’running’, ’paused’ or even ’shut off’ States The Ability […]

    By hfaria | 11 de November de 2018

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  • SSH Bacula Banner

    Carlos Henrique tip, Telegram Group @baculabackup (@baculabr in Portuguese) It is possible to put a message or ASCII image that looks like the Bacula Linux server when you log in. Access an ASCII Image Conversion service (eg,, upload your favorite image and convert it to characters. The default for the number of Putty […]

    By hfaria | 11 de November de 2018

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