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  • Enterprise Bacula Distributor

    Developed by Bacula Systems, it is the high-class enterprise backup software with support, warranty, additional features and advanced plugins for easy backup of specific applications. Unlimited backup size.

  • Bacula Video Classes

    Lifetime access to backup strategy, policies and practical Bacula training at Udemy.com. Just follow this exclusive discount link.

  • The Bacula Book

    It is the first step in order to understand one of the most popular backup software worldwide.

  • Training & Deploy

    In-company Bacula Community or Enterprise implementation focused on your business needs.

I still don't get it. What is Bacula?

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    Bacula Enterprise enables significant reduction of cloud costs for backup solutions. And since version 8.8.0, it provides backup and restore storage drivers plug-ins for various cloud services like the Oracle Cloud Plugin. Bacula Enterprise’s cloud backup architecture gives businesses a variety of capabilities to keep cloud costs to a minimum and maximum performance. All Bacula […]

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  • Mexico: Backup Technology

    Mexico is a spectacular country. Together with Brazil and Colombia, they represent 61% of the population and 66% of Latin American GDP. In addition to all the gastronomic and cultural wealth, Mexico is also a major player in the world of technology. Cities such as Aguascalientes, with the software development center and Monterrey, which houses […]

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  • Copy and Migration Jobs

    Bacula Copy and Migration Jobs are great for moving data from old storage hardware backup to new, running disk-to-disk-to-tapes (disk to tape to tape) backups, or deploying a second off-site storage. Copying and migration occur at the Job granularity level, so the size of the source or target tape or media is not important. Jobs […]

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