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  • Enterprise Bacula Distributor

    Developed by Bacula Systems, it is the high-class enterprise backup software with support, warranty, additional features and advanced plugins for easy backup of specific applications. Unlimited backup size.

  • Bacula Video Classes

    Lifetime access to backup strategy, policies and practical Bacula training at Udemy.com. Just follow this exclusive discount link.

  • The Bacula Book

    It is the first step in order to understand one of the most popular backup software worldwide.

  • Training & Deploy

    In-company Bacula Community or Enterprise implementation focused on your business needs.

I still don't get it. What is Bacula?

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  • Copy and Migration Jobs

    Bacula Copy and Migration Jobs are great for moving data from old storage hardware backup to new, running disk-to-disk-to-tapes (disk to tape to tape) backups, or deploying a second off-site storage. Copying and migration occur at the Job granularity level, so the size of the source or target tape or media is not important. Jobs […]

    By admin | 15 de February de 2019

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  • Active Directory Authentication BWeb Lighttp Bacula Enterprise Configuration

    Many companies use an Active Directory  LDAP server to keep users’ access and passwords centralized. This makes it easy to manage IT managers and also the life of the user, who has only a single password, which is used for all types of systems authentication in a company. Settings on the Active Directory/LDAP server Check […]

    By hfaria | 13 de February de 2019

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  • HTTPS (SSL) Configuration BWeb Lighttp Bacula Enterprise

    If you want to provide even more secure access to BWeb, you can use the HTTPS protocol. Preparing the Machine Certificate In the Bacula server shell that has BWeb installed, either copy a third-party certificate [1] or generate a self-signed certificate. openssl req -new -x509 -keyout /opt/bweb/etc/lighttp.pem -out /opt/bweb/etc/lighttp.pem -days 365 -nodes Important! During the […]

    By hfaria | 12 de February de 2019

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